A short intro of what crowd.dev is, what the docs cover, and how to get started.

Welcome to the docs, where you can explore advice and explanations for all of our features, as well as discover new tips and tricks to get the most out of crowd.dev.

What is crowd.dev?

Crowd.dev is the open-source operating system for communities. It's a suite of tools to analyze, grow, and leverage online communities to drive business results.

In recent years, community has moved to the forefront of business. But building communities is hard. In the beginning, organizations have to continuously find community members and maintain a high engagement among them. Once a community is thriving, organizations are stuck managing endless tools, working with incomplete data, and fail to bring the return of community building back to their business.

Crowd.dev is here to change this. Self-hosted or hosted by us, with developers in mind, open to extensions, and with full control over your community's data.


Looking for Self-hosting?

If you're looking to host crowd.dev on your own infrastructure, take a look at our Self-hosting Docs.

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