What is crowd.dev?

A short intro of what crowd.dev is

crowd.dev is an open-source platform to centralize community, product, and customer data to understand who engages with your open-source project. To get started for free, either sign up for our cloud version or take a look at our GitHub repository.

More than 90% of companies use open-source software. Yet, most of these companies are unaware of the highly relevant commercial offerings of open-source projects. For open-source companies, tapping into this audience is the most significant opportunity for commercialization. What stands in the way? Go-To-Market teams lack needed data across community engagement, interaction with developer docs, and self-hosted deployments.

With crowd.dev, you get full visibility into all platforms and can take action to strengthen and grow your company’s most valuable asset - your developer community. Self-hosted or hosted by us, with developers in mind, open to extensions, and with complete control over your data.


Looking for Self-hosting?

If you're looking to host crowd.dev on your own infrastructure, take a look at our Self-hosting Docs.