Activity types and scores

For all native integrations, we have pre-defined activity types and scores (for the engagement level). These are the activity types that are currently available:

Activity TypePlatformScoreDescriptionValue
StarGitHub2member starred a GitHub repostar
Un-starGitHub-2member unstarred a GitHub repounstar
Opened an issueGitHub8member opened an issue in a GitHub repoissues-opened
Closed an issueGitHub6member closed an issue in a GitHub repoissues-closed
Comment on an issueGitHub6member commented on an issue in a GitHub repoissue-comment
Opened a pull requestGitHub10member opened a pull request in a GitHub repopull_request-opened
Closed a pull requestGitHub8member closed a pull request in a GitHub repopull_request-closed
Comment on a pull requestGitHub6member commented on a pull request in a GitHub repopull_request-comment
Created a discussionGithub8discussion-started
Comment on a discussionGithub6discussion-comment
Comment on a discussion (accepted answer)Github8discussion-comment
ForkGitHub4member forked a GitHub repofork
Join a guildDiscord3member joined a guild (server) on Discordjoined_guild
Send a messageDiscord6member sent a message on Discordmessage
Join a channelSlack3memberchannel_joined
Send a messageSlack6member sent a message on Slackmessage
FollowsTwitter2members follows connected Twitter accountfollow
MentionTwitter6member mentions connected Twitter account via handlemention
HashtagTwitter6member uses the selected community hashtag on Twitterhashtag
Left a commentDEVmember commented on a post on DEVcomment
PostedHacker News10member posted on Hacker News mentioning your organizationpost
CommentedHacker News6member commented on a post on Hacker News that mentions your organizationcomment
ReactedLinkedIn1member reacted on a LinkedIn postreaction
CommentedLinkedin6member commented on a LinkedIn postcomment