Activity views, filters & sorting


Activity & conversation views

Like member views, you can also display and review activity data in different views.

Recent activities

The Recent activities tab shows all activities that were tracked in your community, simply sorted by time and date.


Conversations are a collection of activities that relate to each other.

They are either detected by their data structure (e.g. a GitHub discussion, a Slack thread, etc.) or by their context (through a machine learning model). This way we can even identify conversations in messy chat channels.

Activity & conversation filters

You can apply one or more filters at a time to help identify specific activities and conversations based on their attributes.

Activity filters

You can filter activity tabs by the following attributes:

  • Member: The member that the activity refers to.
  • Date: The time the activity happened (last 1D/14D/30D/90D).
  • Platform: The platform on which the activity took place.
  • Activity type: The type of activity (you can see all default activity types here).
  • Sentiment: The sentiment of the activity (can be positive/neutral/negative).

Conversation filters

You can filter conversation tabs by the following attributes:

  • Platform: The platform on which the conversation took place
  • Channel: The channel on the platform on which the conversation took place. A channel can be, for example, a repository on GitHub or a channel in a Discord server.
  • # of activities: The number of activities/replies that belong to each conversation.
  • Last activity: The date of the last activity/reply of the conversation.
  • Date started: The date of the initial activity of the conversation.

Activity & conversation sorting

Activity sorting

Currently, you can sort activities only by date (most recent).

Conversation sorting

You can sort conversations by two attributes:

  • Trending: The most trending conversations, sorted by the number of activities/replies a conversation received in the last 7 days.
  • Most recent activity: The conversations that received that last activites/replies, sorted by the date of the most recent activity/reply.

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