Default Reports

Available Reports

At the moment, already has three reports available, Members report, Product-Community Fit report and Activities report.

To access the existing reports, go to the reports section and click on one of the reports listed under Default reports. From this page you are able to open a report or to copy the public URL link to access the report public link.


Once you open a default report, each widget will be tailored to the specific data points being covered in the report. Depending on the type of widget, you will be able to filter by period and granularity. In addition to widget filtering, you will also have available report global filters, such as filter by platforms, which will impact all data within that report.

Most of the widgets will be interactive, so you will be able to view data in detail, view insights, compare data through growth rates, and export data.

Share reports publicly

Access one of the default reports and click on the Share button to manage your reportโ€™s visibility and copy the corresponding public URL.

Whatโ€™s Next