Deploying daemon backend and third-party apps

Deploying daemon backend and third-party apps:

Install AWS cli

Install docker compose cli

Set nginx related environment variables in repo/docker/docker-compose.yaml

Then, to start configuring AWS cli

aws configure

Enter your AWS Key Id, AWS Access Key and region when asked. Please make sure that entered region is same as AWS_REGION environment variable.

Create docker ECS context and start using this context for future docker cli

docker context create ecs myecscontext
docker context use myecscontext

Then, to deploy backend cd into docker directory in the mono repo and run

docker compose up

Created load balancer resource will be listening to HTTP:80 by default.

If you want to serve crowd services over HTTPS:443 go to the created load balancer resource from EC2 --> Load Balancers


Select the TCP:80 listener to edit.

Select the HTTP listener then click Edit


Change the protocol to TLS and set SSL certificates here. You can use an ACM certificate or import your own certs.

Point DNS records to crowd services

Create CNAME records for


that points to the previously created loadbalancer's public DNS.
This public DNS can be found from AWS console EC2, Load Balancers section


CNAME records should be created from your DNS provider, pointing to the load balancer's DNS name.

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