Discord integration

Connect Discord with crowd.dev

Data tracked


  • When a member joins a server
  • Messages
  • Replies (in threads)

Historical import

  • No limitation

Not tracked

  • Reactions
  • When a member leaves a server

Refresh period

  • Almost instant

How to install

To connect Discord with crowd.dev, watch this video or follow the outlined steps below:

1. Connect Discord bot

Go to the Integration settings and follow the steps to connect Discord.

Give the crowd.dev bot access to your Discord server.

Done! We’re now collecting your community's Discord activities.

2. Add Discord bot to private channels

By default, our bot will only be able to fetch data from public channels. If you need a specific role to join channels and you still want to collect the data from those channels you have to give bot the suitable server role.

You can learn more about Discord server roles here.

That's it! Crowd.dev now collects all messages, reactions, and server joiners from your Discord community. πŸŽ‰