Discourse integration

Sync topics, posts, and replies from your Discourse forums.

Data tracked

Historical import

  • We create activities for all topics and posts, and also create members for all user who performed these activities

Incremental import

  • We create activities for all new topics, posts, users who joined your forum and likes on posts. Members are created for all users who performed these activities.

How to install


To create API in your Discourse instance, you should be an admin.

  1. First, click on the setting and go to Admin panel
  1. Go to the API tab and click on New API Key
  2. Give you API key some description, set user level of Single User, select system user (it is avaliable in all Discourse instances) and tick Global Key.
  3. Copy your API key and paste it into crowd.dev


Once you configure API connection in crowd.dev, you will see a section with Payload URL and Webhook Secret to configure webhooks in Discourse.

  1. Go to an admin panel in your Discourse instance
  1. Go to API tab, and then to Webhooks tab inside it. Click on New Webhook button.

  2. Paste your Payload URL and Secret which you copied from crowd.dev app
  3. Scroll down and check Send me everything option (ignore all other options)
  4. Scroll down a bit more and check both options
  5. After you configured everything, go back to crowd.dev app and click Connect. Now you will receive webhooks.
  6. If you want to verify webhooks are configured properly, you can click on settings (see picture below) and then click on Verify webhook. Before clicking this button, make sure to do some action in Discourse - e.g logging in / out, liking a post or using a Ping button in webhooks section.