Eagle Eye


Our Eagle Eye app allows you to monitor different community platforms to find relevant content to engage with, ultimately helping you to gain developers’ mindshare and grow your community. The alpha version allows you to search through recent HackerNews and DEV content, and we are rolling out this feature to more platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Stack Overflow soon.

How to use

The Eagle Eye page has 3 different views to help you find relevant new content, track content you have already engaged with, and refine future search results:

1) Inbox: Results for relevant content from different platforms based on keywords

2) Engaged: A record of all content you previously engaged with from your inbox

3) Excluded: A record of all content you marked as irrelevant to enhance future searches


1) Inbox: Find relevant content

The Eagle Eye Inbox is essentially a search engine that based on keywords and natural language processing returns the most relevant content found across community platforms. Learn more about the tech behind Eagle Eye below.

Search for keywords

Enter one or multiple keywords into the search bar and hit “search” to get a list of associated content if there is a keyword match. You can separate keywords by using “ENTER” or “,”.

Filter results

Use the filters panel next to the search bar to filter by:

  • Platform: Hacker News, Dev (more platforms to be added soon)
  • Publish date: Last 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days

Sort results

The list of results can be sorted by:

  • Relevance: Most relevant posts based on Eagle Eye’s scoring mechanism first
  • Latest: Most recent posts first

Each result will include:

  • On the top: Platform, author, interactions (e.g. reactions, comments), hashtags, time posted
  • Middle section: Content title, summary
  • On the bottom: Buttons to “Mark as engaged” and to “Exclude”

Engage with content

If you see content that you want to explore and engage with just press on the content title and you will be redirected to that post.

2) Engaged: Track engaged content

If you end up engaging with content, just hit “mark as engaged” and it will appear in your Engaged view from now on. You can later search this list and filter per platform or publish date just like in your Inbox.


3) Excluded: Refine future search results

If you see that suggested content in your inbox is not relevant to your community, you can click the “Exclude” button. The content will then shift to your “Excluded” view and crowd.dev will use this information to help improve and fine-tune future search results. Just as in the other two views you can search and filter excluded posts.

If you later decide a post is indeed relevant, you can restore an excluded post by clicking “Remove from excluded”.


The tech behind Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP). The search engine is based on a semantic model that delivers the most relevant content even when it doesn’t match your keywords. We transform the text of any content across different community platforms into vectors that encode the semantic meaning of the post. When you search for a keyword, we use the same technique to vectorize it, encoding its meaning in the vector.

Then, to find similarities, we see which of the transformed texts from content in our database are mathematically closest to your keyword.

What’s Next