Eagle Eye


Eagle Eye is built to help you grow your developer community. It monitors 11 of the most popular developer-focused content platforms for posts related to your DevTool. You can then engage with this content and start relationships with your target developer.

Based on the keywords and platforms you choose, Eagle Eye can also send you an email digest with the 10 most relevant posts in your inbox. And if you are struggling to come up with comments for any content pieces, Eagle Eye can generate examples for you with AI.

Invest just a few minutes in Eagle Eye a day, and you can consistently raise awareness of your DevTool and add new members to your community.


Supported platforms

Eagle Eye currently monitors 11 developer-relevant platforms for content:

  • DEV
  • GitHub
  • Hacker News
  • Hashnode
  • Kaggle
  • Medium
  • Product Hunt
  • Reddit
  • Stack Overflow
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Configure your Eagle Eye feed for your niche

Eagle Eye monitors 11 developer-focused sites for your chosen keywords and generates a curated feed of content for you directly in the crowd.dev app. To set up or change your feed settings:

  • Go to the Eagle Eye page
  • Click on "Feed settings"
  • Enter the keywords you would like to track (e.g., Developer communities, open-source DevTools)
  • For each keyword, specify whether you want a semantic or exact match search
  • Enter the keywords you would like to exclude (optional)
  • Choose the time frame of content you would like to track (Last 24h, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, or 90 days)
  • Choose which platforms you would like to track (we recommend at least 3 for a good amount of content)
  • Choose whether you want to enable AI replies
  • Click update

Set up your email digest

To make it even easier to stay on top of content, you can set up an email digest. This digest will show the top 10 posts based on your feed settings in Eagle Eye. To activate and configure your digest:

  • In Eagle Eye, click on the settings bars of the "Email Digest" card on the bottom left
  • Click the toggle at the top of the pop-out
  • Enter the email you would like to receive the digest on
  • Choose the frequency (Daily or Weekly every Monday)
  • Choose the time
  • Choose whether you want to consistently update your digest based on the Eagle Eye settings
  • Click Update

Engage with content

If you see content that you want to explore and engage with, just press on the content card, and you will be redirected to that post. Read through the post and add a comment or question to start the conversation with developers.

Bookmark & share content with your team

If you want to keep track of the content you have already engaged with, you can press the bookmark icon on the content cards. On the top of the page, you can go to the "Bookmarked" view to see all your bookmarked posts.

So that you and your team can coordinate on engaged with content, you can find your "Team bookmarks" on the top right dropdown of the Bookmarked view.

AI replies

AI replies are designed to help you easily engage with developer content without spending too much time generating the perfect response. When enabled, our algorithms generate suggested replies based on the content of the post you are viewing.


The AI replies are just a starting point. We advise you to read the post and add genuine value to your response.

To generate an AI reply, click on a post's Lightbulb icon.

AI replies are currently unsupported for GitHub, YouTube, and Stack Overflow. They can be turned off in the settings.


What’s Next