In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up your account and take the first actions.


Looking for self-hosting?

If you prefer to host on your own infrastructure, take a look at the self-hosting docs.


Sign up for closed beta

If you haven't signed up for the closed beta of our cloud version yet, you can do so here.

Create a new account

To create a new account, use the sign-up link you received via email. Type in your professional email address and choose a strong password.

Go to your email inbox to confirm your email. After this, you’ll be forwarded to the web app to set up your workspace.

Connect data sources

Data is at the heart of everything does. The more data sources you integrate, the better will be the outcome.

We can now go on and integrate all data sources that are relevant to your community. Please go to Integration Settings and connect the data sources you have.


You can find a step-by-step guides for every integration here.

If you want to import/export data via API, check out our API reference.

Invite colleagues

Community building is a team effort. Therefore, we highly recommend you invite your colleagues, so you can take advantage of a shared view of the community.

You can invite your colleagues in the Settings.


Merge duplicate members

If you connect multiple data sources, chances are high that duplicate members appear. We’re working on merging them automatically in the future. For now, duplicate members have to be merged manually.

You can find our merge suggestions here. You can directly click “Merge profiles” or open a merge page.

The “Merge Members” page shows you the to-be-merged members in parallel so you can check if it’s actually the same person. If you confirm, all activities and data will be merged into one profile.

That’s it. You are now set to understand and grow your community. 🎉


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