GitHub integration

Connect GitHub with

Data tracked


  • Stars/Un-stars
  • Forks
  • Issues
  • Pull requests
  • Discussions
  • Comments on issues/pull requests/discussions
  • Closing of issues/pull requests/discussions

Historical import

  • No limitation

Refresh period

  • Instant (maximum a few seconds)

How to install

To connect GitHub with, watch this video or follow the outlined steps below:

Set-up with admin permissions

  1. Go to the Integration settings and follow the steps to connect GitHub.

  2. Choose the workspace that you would like to connect.

  1. Choose the repositories in the workspace that you would like to connect.

That’s it. We're now collecting all community activities from your connected repos, including pull requests, issues, stars, and forks.

Set-up with missing permissions

If you are an organisation member you will most likely need approval from your admin in order to set up the integration to In order to do that successfully you need to:

  1. Invite the GitHub organization admin to

Go to the User Settings. Click on invite and follow the steps to invite the GitHub organization owner with an admin role.

  1. Ask the GitHub organization owner to sign-up to

They will have received an email from us with an invitation to your workspace. If they follow the link they will be taken to a sign-up page where they will be able to join your workspace.

  1. Ask them to approve your GitHub installation request

They should go over to the Integration settings and re-start the GitHub flow. Since they have the proper permissions, it will work for them.

That’s it!