Hacker News integration

Connect Hacker News with crowd.dev

Data tracked


  • Posts that mention your community on Hacker News that got to the Top or Best categories (about 70% of the posts)
  • (Nested) comments on those posts

Historical import

  • Only posts created on or after the 1st of December 2022 are guaranteed to be imported

Not tracked

  • Any post that does not specifically mention your community

Refresh period

  • 1 hour

How to install

To connect Hacker News with crowd.dev, watch this video or follow the outlined steps below:

Go to the Integration settings and follow the steps to connect Hacker News.

You will see two different input options: mentions and URLs.

  • Mentions are the name(s) of your company or community. The more holistic the selection, the better. However, do not make it too broad to not pollute your workspace data.

  • URLs are the different URLs that are relevant to your company and community. This could be your homepage, your app, or your GitHub repository...

For example, to track mentions of crowd.dev: