Member attributes & identities

Your members have rich information pertaining to them scattered across the community platforms they are active on. We call the different profiles Identities (think GitHub, Slack, or Twitter accounts). With we merge all the data from these different identities into one. We call the member-specific data (e.g., their bio, their activity level) Attributes. We have default attributes, but you can also make your own custom ones.



Default attributes

  • Display Name: How a member should be displayed in
  • Email: The email address of the member
  • Member Since: The date on which the member did the first activity in your community
  • Job Title: The role the member has in their organization
  • Organization: The organization/company the member belongs to
  • Bio: A short description of the member's bio (usually populated through GitHub or Twitter)
  • Location: The place where the member is located
  • Tags: Any individual tags that you would like to add to organize and segment the member

To edit default attributes simply go to a members' profile and

  1. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the Profile section
  2. Click Edit member
  3. Edit any details of the member
  4. Once you have edited your desired field, scroll to the bottom and click Update member

Custom attributes

A custom attribute will show up on the right-hand side of your member profile under member identities. They allow you to add details beyond our default attributes to better segment your members. To add a custom attribute:

  1. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the Profile section
  2. Click Edit member
  3. Scroll down to custom attributes and click Manage custom attributes
  4. In the pop-up click add custom attribute
  5. Select one of the attribute types from the drop-down (e.g., text, number, date, URL)
  6. Insert the value in the name field and press update
  7. Click Update member

You can also edit your custom attributes at any time in this section as well as delete them by clicking the trash icon next to the custom attribute.


Identities include the different platforms members have and the profile URLs that belong to them (think GitHub, Discord, Stack Overflow, etc.). A member may have several identities (aka profiles in community platforms) and merges them into one.

These are the default identities:

  • Twitter: The Twitter handle (@TwitterName) of a member
  • Discord: The Discord profile of a member
  • GitHub: The GitHub handle of a member
  • Slack: The Slack profile of a member
  • DEV: The DEV handle (@DEVName) of a member

How to manage identities

If you would like to manually add, change, or remove an identity you can:

  1. Click on Manage in the identity & custom attribute section in the member profile (or click the three dots in the upper right corner of profile section, click Edit member and scroll down to *Identities)
  2. Choose the platform you would like to add or remove by clicking the toggle
  3. To add an identity please fill in the profile user name of the respective platform
  4. Click update to save your changes

Add custom identities

If you would like to add a custom identity that is not part of the default list (e.g., an email or a phone number). You can do so by adding a custom attribute of that type to a profile. Just follow the instructions on how to add a custom attribute above. You will see these custom identities along with your other custom attributes.

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