Member views, filters & sorting

We have a few default views of your Members page that we think are helpful to most users. These views are based on certain pre-selected filters and sorts.


Our default views include All members, New & active, Slipping away, Most engaged, Influential, and Team members**. Within these views, you can also add and create your own filters to further narrow down the selection of displayed members and sort them.

We made these different views, filters, and sorts to allow you to segment, research, target, and learn more about your community. For example, if you are on the hunt for prospects to be developer advocates you can use views and filters to find the most eligible candidates to individually target. The same for if you are looking for qualified leads to market or sell to and any other use cases you may have.

Overview of default Member views

  • All members: shows all community members with no filter or sort applied
  • New & active: shows you new community members that have been active (filter = Joined date: is after 30 days ago AND Last activity: is after 30 days ago)
  • Slipping away: shows you members that were previously active but have been unusually silent recently (filter = Engagement level: Engaged, Fan, Ultra AND Last activity: is not after 14 days ago)
  • Most engaged: shows you your most engaged members (filter = Engagement level: Fan, Ultra)
  • Influential: shows you members with a high reach, in this case over 500, e.g., 600 Twitter followers (filter = Reach: is β‰₯ 500)
  • Team members: shows you members that are part of your organization (filter = Team member: true)

Member filters & sorting

You can apply one or more filters at a time to help identify specific members based on member attributes. You can also sort the Members table by any column that has an arrow symbol next to its name.

To apply a filter just click on Filters on the right side of the search bar and click on the filter you would like.

When you apply multiple filters you can apply operators to mix and match different attributes within your filters:

  • And: Results must match all selected attributes in the filter
  • Or: Results must match at least one of the selected attributes in the filter

You can filter the Members table by the following member attributes:

  • Tags: Any of the tags you have created for your members
  • # of activities: How active a member is across your community relative to other members.
  • Engagement level: A score from 1-10 that signifies how active a member is across your community relative to other members (1: Silent, 2-3: Quiet, 4-6: Engaged, 7-8: Fan, 9-10: Ultra)
  • Custom attributes: Any custom attributes that you created specific to your community.

You can sort the Members table in ascending and descending order by the following columns:

  • Member: The name of a member (sort by alphabetical order)
  • First activity: The first date a member interacted with your business.
  • Engagement level: The amount of activity a member has relative to other members, they can be

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