Members are all individuals who conducted at least one activity in your community. Everything in is centered around members because they are the essence of any community.

How to

Create members

Members can be created either automatically or manually:

1) Automatically: As soon as one of your integrations detects an activity that can't be assigned to an existing member, will automatically create a new member (including this activity).

2) Manually: To create a member manually, simply navigate to the member's section and click "+ New". You'll then have to fill out the following mandatory fields:

  • Display Name
  • Usernames / Profiles (at least 1)
  • Joined Community (date)

To see a full explanation of member data, head to edit and view member data in detail.

Merge Members

There are two workflows to merge members that are actually the same person:

1) Merge via suggestion is constantly checking your community for duplicate members. As soon as we detect a duplicate member, we'll suggest you to merge them on the top of the members' section. You can also directly access your merge suggestions here.


Once you opened the merge suggestions you have 3 options for every pair of members:

  • Merge profiles: Merge the two member profiles into one
  • Open merge page: View member profiles and activities in detail before you decide if you'd like to merge them
  • Not the same person: Reject the merge suggestion in case the suggestion wasn't correct

2) Merge manually
To merge duplicate members that didn't get detected by our algorithm, you have to go to one of the members' profiles, click on the three dots, and select "Merge With Another Member".


You now only have to type in and select the name of the other member that you'd like to merge. After selecting the right member, confirm the action with the "Merge Members" button.


Edit and view member data in detail

To edit and view member data in detail, head to a members profile (e.g. by clicking on it in the members' list), click the three small dots, and select "edit member".


This will bring you to the following view.


You can now edit and review all data we collected about this member. Here is an explanation of all data points:

  • Display Name: How a member should be displayed in
  • Email: The email address of the member
  • Usernames & Profiles: The different user names and profile URLs a member has on various platforms (think GitHub, Discord, Stack Overflow, etc.)
  • Joined Community: The date on which the member did the first activity in your community
  • Organization: The organization/company the member belongs to
  • Location: The place where the member is located
  • Bio: A short description of the member's bio (usually populated through GitHub or Twitter)
  • Custom Attributes: Any kind of key-value pair that you would like to add to the member (e.g. Name="beta user", Value="true")
  • Tags: Any tags that you would like to add to organize and segment the member

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