Members are the people who make up your community. They are the individuals who invest their time and effort in your organization or project, whether it be through engaging with you on Discord, asking a question in Slack, making a pull request in GitHub, or mentioning you on Twitter. You can also manually add people to your community.


In the member page you have an overview of all the members in your community across the platforms you have connected. A member is anyone who has conducted at least one activity in your community or one that you have added yourself manually.

We have automatically added six default views of your members for easy access, these include All members, New and active, Slipping away, Most engaged, and Team members. You can also apply your own filters to these views to easily find, group, and better understand who your members are. Find out more about Member views, filters, and sorting here. So you don't have duplicate members in your overview we also have a merge function.

For each member, you have a set of default details called member attributes, see here for more information on them. This includes things like the organization they belong to, the # of activities they have made, and the engagement level they have in your community. We have also made it possible for you to add individual member tags and custom attributes to organize and segment your members.

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