Merge members

One community member will often be active within your community on several platforms and user profiles. enables you to merge members so that you don't have duplicates and see all the data of one of your members in one place. There are two ways to merge members.

Merge members based on suggestions

Our algorithm will detect whether two similar profiles belong to the same member and will suggest you merge them. You will receive a notification on the top right corner of your Members page when we have merge suggestions.

  1. Click on Merge suggestions in the top-right notification
  2. You will be taken to a Merge suggestions page where all suggestions will be displayed to merge two or more profiles into one
  3. For each, you can click Merge members to merge or Ignore suggestion if you see there has been a mistake
  4. In either view, you can choose which of the multiple profiles should be your Primary member by clicking Make primary. This means if details conflict with each other, e.g., different profile images or a different member since value, the values of the primary profile will be the default view in the member profile.

The algorithm to perform merge suggestions

Members are analyzed based on usernames and emails to determine if they might be the same individual. The algorithm performs three types of checks:

  • Same Username Check: Identifies members with the same username across different platforms. The algorithm considers these two members as likely to be the same individual. The confidence score for this scenario is 95%, which indicates a strong certainty but is not absolute.
  • Overlapping Email Check: Finds members where at least one email is the same. Since email addresses are generally unique, the confidence score for this match type is set to 100, indicating a high likelihood that they are the same individual.
  • Similar Usernames Check: Uses the Levenshtein Distance to measure the similarity between usernames from different platforms. The algorithm calculates a similarity score ranging between 0 and 1, where 0 means completely different and 1 means identical. They are considered potential matches if the similarity score is greater than 0.5. However, the confidence score will not exceed 0.95, as the email similarity check is considered more reliable.

The algorithm hourly identifies members recently and performs the three checks.
This provides a comprehensive list of potential merges, with varying confidence scores based on the level of similarity.

Merge members manually

If the algorithm is not completely sure that two or more user profiles are the same community member, we will not automatically suggest you merge them. However, if you know that two or more profiles are actually the same, you can easily merge them manually.

  1. Choose one of the member profiles you would like to merge and click on the three dots in a member card (either on the members' page or on the respective member profile page)
  2. Click three dots icon, and in the dropdown, click option Merge member
  3. In the pop-up, you will see the details of the member you selected, and on the right side, you can search for the other member profile you think belongs to this one
  4. Select the member and click Merge members