Organization enrichment

Note: This feature is exclusive to our Growth and Custom plans

Organization enrichment automatically populates organizations represented in your community with additional data points. When an organization is enriched, you will see valuable details such as company size, industry, description, location, and more.

The enrichment is based on publicly available information.

How do you enrich an organization?

Organization enrichment is available for users in our Growth or Custom plans (find out more about our plans here). Once one of these plans is active, organization enrichment occurs automatically.

In our Growth plan, you will have up to 200 automatic enrichments a month, in Custom, it depends on your plan. We prioritize companies that are new and whose members are the most active in your community.

How to see all enriched organizations?

To see which organizations are enriched, you can use the filter "enriched organization" and choose "true" from the dropdown. Conversely, if you want to see organizations that are yet to be enriched, choose "false".

What information do you get about organizations?

We add the following data points to the organization profile:

  • Headline (string): A succinct one-liner on the organization.
  • Description (string): A more elaborate depiction of the organization's activities.
  • Identities (string): Organization profiles on other platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Crunchbase.
  • Industry (string): The company's operational field, e.g., "Computer Software".
  • Number of employees (string): A precise headcount working for the organization.
  • Location (string): The organization's geographical site.
  • Founded (string): The year the company was established.
  • Type (string): Indicates whether the organization is private or public.
  • Size (string): A ballpark estimate of employee numbers.


Not all of these attributes may be found for every organization.

Our dataset is based on publicly available data from various platforms. Depending on what information is available it may be that we cannot enrich all attributes for all organizations.

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