Self-hosted Discord integration

In order to connect Discord, you will need to create a Discord bot and install it in your guild.

  1. To create a box, head to the Discord developer portal and click on New Application, in the top-right corner.
  2. Enter the name for your application, such as - {your-community}.
  3. On the left-side panel, click on Bot, and then Add Bot. It will warn you that the action is irreversible; this only means that your application will not be able to exist without a bot anymore. Please ignore this warning to continue.
  4. If the token is not shown, please click on Reset Token to get a new one.
  1. Copy the token and add it as your DISCORD_TOKEN token in your environment variables.
  2. Head to OAuth2 -> General on the left-side panel, and click on Add Redirect to configure your Redirect URL.
  1. Add two URLs here:
  • https://{YOUR-FRONTEND-URL}/integrations?source=discord (optional)
  • https://localhost/integrations?source=discord
  1. Click Save Changes on the bottom before leaving the page.
  2. Head to OAuth2 -> URL Generator on the left-side panel.
  3. For local deployment, select the localhost URL from the dropdown of available URLs, and copy the following settings:
  1. Once done, copy the generated URL and paste it into your frontend/.env.override.local -> VUE_APP_DISCORD_INSTALLATION_URL environment variable.

To get a production URL, repeat steps 10 and 11, selecting your production URL and making sure that the environment variable is available when services start.

Now you can set up your Discord integration through! For more information on how to set up the integration, see Discord integration.