Self-hosted Twitter integration

In order to have a Twitter integration in your community edition, you will need to Sign up for a Twitter Developer account and create a Twitter OAuth2 app.

  1. Sign up for a Developer account to be able to create an app.
  2. Sign in to your Developer account and click on Create Project.
  1. Set project details:
  • Name: - {your-community}
  • Use case: Building tools for businesses (or any other)
  • Project Description: * Twitter app for {your-community}
  1. Set up the app:
  • App Environment: Production
  • App Name: same as project name
  1. Set up OAuth 2.0:
  • Click on Set Up in the user settings section
  • Toggle OAuth 2.0 and copy the following settings: (use your own callback/redirect URLs pointing to the api service instance like
  1. Copy your tokens to backend/.env.override.local (for local development) or just make it available inside backend services environment if you are deploying it:
  • If you want to do custom development, keep your Bearer Token safe as you will need it to test endpoints in the Twitter API.

You can now use your deployment to connect your Twitter integration! For more details on how to connect, see Twitter integration.