A list of all our services and networking information to perhaps enable you to make a different kind of setup than what we offer in our guides.

ServiceDescriptionPortsDocker ImageStartup CommandHorizontally Scalable
frontendWeb Application8081crowddotdev/frontendhas default entrypointno
apiREST API Server8080crowddotdev/backendnpm run start:apino
job-generatorCRON service generating queue messages periodicallycrowddotdev/backendnpm run start:job-generatorno
nodejs-workerService that process queue messagescrowddotdev/backendnpm run start:nodejs-workeryes
python-workerService that process queue messages (mainly ML)crowddotdev/python-workerhas default entrypointyes
premium-apiREST API Server for premium functionality5000crowddotdev/premium-python-backendpython -u -m flask --app server --debug run --host=
premium-job-generatorCRON service generating queue messages for premium functionalitycrowddotdev/premium-job-generatornpm run startno
premium-python-workerServer that process queue messages for premium functionalitycrowddotdev/premium-python-backendpython -u worker.pyyes

To learn about dependencies that our services require please check out Dependencies guide.

To learn about configuring the services please use Configuration guide.