Slack integration

Connect Slack with

Data tracked


  • When a member joins a channel
  • Messages
  • Replies in threads

Historical import

  • No limitation

Not tracked

  • Reactions

Refresh period

  • 20 minutes.

How to install

To connect Slack with, watch this video or follow the outlined steps below:

1. Connect Slack bot

Go to the Integration settings and follow the steps to connect Slack.

2. Add Slack bot to channels

To fetch data from Slack, you need to add the Slack bot to all channels.

There are two options for this:

Option 2.1: Adding the bot directly from the channel

This is the quickest option if you do not have many channels. Simply go to the channel and type: and send the message.

A pop-up will appear. Simply click *Add to Channel* and the bot will be able to get all messages from this channel. 501

Option 2.2: Adding from the channel settings

Alternatively, you can add the bot in bulk from the channel settings.

  1. On the sidebar, right-click on the first channel where you would like the integration to be and click on Open channel details

  2. Head over to the Integrations tab and click on Add an App

3. Search for "" and click on *Add app* 1386
4. Once the app is added, if you go to the channel where you added the app you will see a message like this 904
5. Clicking on the logo, a menu will appear with an option to add the integration to more channels. 880
6. Now you can select the channel that you want to connect. 1096
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each channel that you would like the integration to have access to.

That’s it! can now fetch all messages and reactions from your Slack community. πŸ₯³