allows you to collaborate with your team or simply schedule and track your own to-do's related to your community. The Tasks page is where you manage your community to-do's.


Open tasks

Any open tasks that are yet to be completed, displaying the task title, description, related member(s), assignee(s), and its due date. You can filter by seeing all tasks, assigned to me tasks, and overdue tasks by selecting an option at the top of the card. When there are more than 1 open tasks you can also sort tasks by creation date, due date, or title (A-Z).

You can mark a task as completed by checking the circle next to the task name or edit the task by clicking the three dots on the right. You can also add new tasks by clicking "Add task" at the top right corner or navigate to your Tasks page by clicking "All tasks".

Completed tasks

At the bottom of the page you will see your and your teams completed tasks. If you would like to remove these from your view simply click the three bottoms on the right to archive or permanently delete them.


  • Task suggestions: When you first set up or you have no open tasks you may see suggestions of community tasks to create new tasks from. Click on "Add task" and fill out the name, description, assignees, members, and do date according to your needs.

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