We collect anonymized data from self-hosted versions in order to improve our product. This can be deactivated at any time, and any data that has already been collected can be deleted on request.

What data do we collect?


Data privacy

We collect as few data points as we can. Using our self-hosted version we will never receive any personal information, neither from you nor from your community members.

On self-hosted versions, we collect:

Tenant createdCreation of a new tenantid, createdAt
User createdCreation of a new userid, createdAt
Member createdCreation of a new memberid, createdAt
Activity createdCreation of a new activityid, createdAt, timestamp, platform, communityMemberId
Conversation createdCreation of a new conversationid, createdAt, platform

Why collect telemetry data?

We collect telemetry data to

  • Improve our product: reliable usage data helps us to evaluate features and fix bugs.
  • Prove that people are actually using sage metrics help us justify our existence to investors and potential new customers to keep this project alive.

Deactivating telemetry

To deactivate telemetry, simply set SEGMENT_WRITE_KEY="" in the environment files.