Self-hosted Slack integration

The following steps will guide you through the simple process of creating a Slack application.

  1. Go to the Slack developer portal and click on Create New App.
  2. It will ask you whether you want to do it from scratch, or from an app manifest. Select manifest and then select your workspace. The manifest is the following:
  name: - {your-community} 
    display_name: - {your-community}
    always_online: true
    - https://{API-URL}/api/slack/callback
    - https://anton.localhost/api/slack/callback
      - channels:history
      - channels:read
      - reactions:read
      - users:read
      - channels:history
      - channels:join
      - channels:read
      - reactions:read
      - users:read
      - files:read
  org_deploy_enabled: false
  socket_mode_enabled: false
  token_rotation_enabled: false
  1. You will need to change {your-community} and {API-URL} for your own values. If you are not looking to deploy the app and only want to run it locally, please remove the first redirect URL.
  2. When the manifest is ready, click Next and Create.
  3. Once it is created, click on Install to Workspace to install it to your workspace.
  4. Copy the environment variables:
  • Navigate to Basic information and go to App Credentials
  • Copy to backend/.env:
    • Client ID -> SLACK_CLIENT_ID
    • Client Secret -> SLACK_CLIENT_SECRET

Now you can connect your Slack Integration in your deployment of! You can now follow the steps in Slack integration to connect it.

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