Updating API documentation

API documentation is automatically generated from comments on the endpoints using https://github.com/bee-travels/openapi-comment-parser.

When making changes to Activities, Members, Tags, or Conversations, please ensure that the comments that generate the API docs are up to date.

API specification files

All API specification files are in backend/src/api/components.


Defines the attributes of the core models, always excluding the ID attribute.

  • CommunityMemberNoId: defines the attributes of a member, excluding the ID.
  • TagNoId: defines the attributes of a tag, excluding the ID.
  • ActivityNoId: defines the attributes of an activity, excluding the ID.
  • ConversationNoId: defines the attributes of a conversation, excluding the ID.


Defines the API responses. It is usually split into two types:

  • Single responses are the full object (including the ID and some relations).
  • Lists: {rows: [SingleObject], count: count}.


Contains example responses for different API calls.


Contains the different types of inputs for the body of requests. This includes:

  • Upsert members input
  • Upsert activities input
  • Upsert activities with member input


It contains sorting and filtering parameters.

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