What you can do

Learn about some use cases for crowd.dev

Crowd.dev is still in its early days but new features are released every month. Here are a few examples of what you can currently do with crowd.dev:

  • Bring all community data to one place and establish a single source of truth for your organization. Currently, we support GitHub, Twitter, Discord, Slack, and DEV out of the box.
  • Detect relevant conversations and publish them in a community help center to reduce duplicate questions and get your community listed on search engines (see example).
  • Manage your community members with tags and automated segmentation (based on their engagement level).
  • Create a unified community feed that aggregates all community activities in live time - no need to visit all platforms several times per day anymore.
  • Analyze your community and track your progress with several KPIs such as members/activity growth or average time to first interaction.
  • Create custom metrics, graphs, and tables, organize them in reports and share them publicly with your community, your investors, or your team.
  • Benchmark the stargazers’ growth of your GitHub repos with similar ones.
  • and much, much more...

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